ClubJuggle (clubjuggle) wrote,

Day 4: Seattle 16 at Kansas City 3

What an ugly game. Royals' starting pitcher Darren May gave up 9 runs in 2+ innings in a game that ended up as a 16-3 slaughter of the Royals by the Mariners. Highlights of the game included 3 errors (two by KC, one by Seattle), four hits batsmen (three by KC, one by Seattle), plus countless misplays.

The good news is hte stadium was as beautiful as the game was ugly. Opened in 1973, Kauffman Stadium rivals many of the new ballparks opening today. The park features great sight lines from all concourses, unobstructed seating throughout, and some good food options (though in my opinion overpriced even for a ballpark). There is a local barbecue restaurant that has stands in Kauffman stadium -- their sandwiches are excellent and the spicy barbecue sauce has quite a kick; the original is tangy and flavorful as well. I highly recommend one of their sandwiches along with a Boulevard wheat beer (surprisingly smooth for a wheat beer).

mcrochip got a little under-the-weather yesterday, but is feeling a bit better today. This was nothing serious, just a runny nose/congestion. It seems some hot tea, Claritin, a decongestant and sleep has helped, as he is significantly (but not 100%) better today. I'm sure any well-wishes left in his journal will be appreciated.

Our next stops today are Cabela's and/or the Negro Leagues museum, then on to Iowa.
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I messaged Steve yesterday, I didn't know he wasn't feeling good. :( Out at parents in law tonight (Wed). Have fun in the cornfields of Iowa!
You were in my neck of the woods!! Isn't Kaufman grand? I'm going to Arrowhead Monday to see the Chieifs play the Rams! (And mmmmmmmmmmmm KC barbeque! I miss that at school.)
I'm a first-class idiot for not looking you up while I was in town. It would have been great to have you come to the game with us! I haven't heard from you in ages... how are things?

BTW, I love the new picture. You look awesome as always.
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