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Day 3: Cincinnati 5 at St Louis 10

Apologies for the belated entry... we got right to sleep after getting back from the game last night, then on the road early this morning.

Saint Louis is an impressive city, and I got some great photographs there. I'm really looking forward to getting those edited and uploaded. As for Busch Stadium itself, the park is one of the last of the "big bowl" type staiums. The stadium was built in 1966, and as was typical of that era, the construction is such that the fans are set back pretty far from the action. I guess it's no surprise that thefans are looking forward to a new park ischeduled to open in 2006.

The food has been reasonably good at both ballparks so far. I had bratwurst for dinner both nights, and in both cases they were surprisingly good. This was of course supplemented with snow cones, frozen lemonade and overpriced sodas. Steve and I also split nachos at St Louis. They were not bad at all.

Today's drive took us across the entire state of Missouri to Kansas City; in fact, we're staying at a campground about ½ hour over the border in Lawrence, KS. I guess I should not have been surprised that they've given the roads within the campsite names like Yellowbrick Rd, Oz Ave and Widard Ln.

Tonight's game will be in Kansas City, the Mariners at the Royals. Tomorrow we're going to try to make it to the Negro League museum, which we drove past on our way through KC. I know very little of the story of the Negro Leagues and am eager to learn more.

More to come!
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