ClubJuggle (clubjuggle) wrote,

Day 2: Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Tour

We have an extra day in the schedule between Cincinnati and St. Louis. After the game last night, we drove as far as Louisville, Kentucky to the KOA Louisville Metro campground. We set up camp and finaly got to sleep about 3:00 AM. We're <i>reeeeeally</i> roughing it at this campground. Their wifi access is only 11 Mbps. All kidding aside, it's a nice facility and turned out to be a good choice.

The tentative plan for today is Waffle House for brunch, then the Louisville Slugger museum. We'll break camp in the very early AM tomorrow and make the 4-hour drive to Saint Louis.

Pictures will be coming!
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Meet me in St. Lou-ee Lou-ee.. meet me at the fair!! I got to talk to Steve a little bit last night and it sounded like things are amicable and good right now. Try, not to make eachother crazy. I love you both so take care on your trip, in transit, sleepovers and getting clocked by any homers you may see. HSCL TMA, SMC!

*Mark has interest in attending BCCC for classes! More to come on that.



August 17 2004, 16:16:30 UTC 13 years ago

Sounds like you're having a great time so far. Looking forward to some more entries. :-D

Have a good trip.

PaulMdx /DPC