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You may have already won...

... and I did!

Today I got a letter in the mail from Major League Baseball. Apparently I was a 4th Prize winner in the 2003 Radio Shack/MLB balloting sweepstakes! In other words, I won on that contest entry they attach to the All-Star ballots. Woot!

I'll be getting a "Major League Baseball fan prize pack." It included a postcard to select my favorite team and mail it back, so I checked off the Phillies (of course) and dropped it in the mail today. I should be receiving a selection of Phillies merchandise valued at about $75!
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Not that there could be very many, but you're the same 'Terry Auspitz' that attended Lehigh, like, 8 billion years ago, right? (OK, only 10 years, but who's counting??)

Just cuious.

Oh WOW.... how have you been?

If you have AIM, drop me a message (I have 2 screen names; I use ClubJuggle at home and PhillyJuggler at work), otherwise email me at livejournal at clubjuggle dot com... it's been WAY too long!

Thanks for making my morning. :)